Special International Service Project Bulletin
10 February 2022
Computer & Sewing Machines for Orphan Girls
Our Club's second International project is under the umbrella of President Shekhar's "Empowering Girls" Initiative.  It is a partnership between the Rotary E-Club of Sunshine, New York (D7230) as the primary funding partner and the RC Banani Dhaka (D3281) as the local partner with additional  funding.
Through the project a full computer set and 3 electric sewing machines have been provided for the 30 young girls at the Monu Mia & Sultana Girls Orphanage in Chandpur of Bangladesh. The girls were provided with basic computer training and specific training on the use of the sewing machines, for embroidery and clothing. This equipment and training will provide the girls with usable and marketable skill-sets so they can be productive in the future. Since the life-span of the sewing machines is many years, it is envisaged that subsequent batches of orphan girls will continue to benefit from this project.
The Orphanage has been expanding its vocational training program for the girls. They expressed a need to establish a computer lab. They are able to absorb the continuing cost of internet connection, but do not have the resources to purchase decent computer sets. Their needs were for a desktop computer with a large monitor suitable for viewing by 4 or 5 girls around the desk, together with printer and camera for video conferencing and remote learning. The Orphanage Management on feedback from the girls expressed the need for sewing machines and supplies so the girls could learn embroidery and clothing stitching.
The Project will be ongoing by providing training to many batches of girls over a period of at least 4 years for the computer and 10 years for the electric sewing machines. By undergoing this training, the girls will have access to the internet which will expand their learning and also be able to view and participate in online remote learning programs. With the sewing machines and the training in embroidery and clothing stitching skills, not only will they be able to create their own wardrobes, but also prepare themselves for establishing future business ventures. These skills will prepare the girls for the real world when they are of age to be on their own. It is likely that they will return to the Orphanage as Teachers, thus not only being able to sustain themselves but contribute to their community.
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