In a spirited gathering on Saturday, May 18th, Area Governor Bina Ahmad of Area 5 orchestrated a Round Up meeting, heralding the achievements of several new Clubs within the district. The event, held in the spirit of camaraderie, marked a confluence of learning, conviviality, and recognition, as District leaders joined the festivities.
Among the highlights of the evening were the prestigious Club Excellence awards bestowed upon Blooming Rose, Heritage, and Promise Clubs, with special commendation granted to Hope Club for its exceptional membership growth. Area Governor Bina Ahmad underscored the significance of the accolades, noting that they not only coincided with Rotary Day of Service but also symbolized a year-round commitment to community betterment by the recipient Clubs.
Addressing the gathering, incoming District Membership Chair PDG Mahbub Ahmad shed light on the burgeoning growth of new Clubs within the district, particularly within the South Asian community, which now constitutes nearly 15% of District 7230. He lauded the district's remarkable feat of establishing 10 new Clubs over the past six years, a milestone unmatched by any other district in North America.
DGND Maksud Chowdhury provided a brief historical overview, reminiscing about the formation of the Heritage E-Club in 2018 as a pioneering venture, marking the dawn of a new era for the district. Expressing optimism for his upcoming tenure as Governor, he appealed for collective cooperation and support from all stakeholders.
The evening witnessed poignant reflections from Club leaders, including Heritage Club President-Elect Shamim Begum, Promise Club Charter President Makhfia Zaman, Hope Club Charter President Rownak Ahmed, and Blooming Rose Club Charter President Nasrin Khan, who shared insights into the challenges and triumphs of their respective leadership roles.
Offering guidance and wisdom, Club Adviser Shahnewaz Rahim underscored the importance of fostering member engagement across all facets of club activities. Rotarians Nazmul Khan and Muhammad Zaman from Heritage Club imparted invaluable advice to the new Presidents, emphasizing the virtues of unity, collaboration, and collective project initiatives.
As the evening concluded, a sense of camaraderie and determination pervaded the gathering, setting the stage for continued collaboration and service-oriented endeavors within the district's vibrant Rotary community.