The Sunshine NY Rotary Club has successfully organized and completed four projects in the past few months.  Three of the projects were implemented in Chattogram, Bangladesh in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Chittagong North while the remaining project was in Chandpur, all in Rotary District 3282,  
Sustainable Education: Library for students
Under this project, both Sunshine NY Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Chittagong North jointly distributed children's books and educational supplies among several hundred students of an elementary school in a small remote, underprivileged village.
Providing safe, purified drinking water
The two partnering clubs jointly contributed towards the procurement and subsequent Installation of a water filtration system for students, staff, and faculty of the Department of Social Science of the University of Chittagong, which is the second-largest public university in Bangladesh. This initiative has benefitted more than 500 students and staff by providing them with unrestricted access to purified, safe drinking water. The dedicated system is capable of ensuring clean, safe drinking water on a daily basis for the users. The Department of Social Science will take responsibility for the ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the system.  Sunshine NY Rotary Club’s International Director, Ashfaque Salim was present during the formal launching of the water filtration system.
Subsidizing low-cost housing for the homeless.
The third joint project, which is under implementation by the Sunshine NY Rotary Club and Rotary Club of Chittagong North is also in Chattogram where a donation is going to be made for housing of homeless people. Twenty homeless people are to have their own shelters for living under this project.
Children's books for underprivileged girls 
Fifty copies of two illustrated children's books were distributed to the young girls at the Monu Mia and Sultana Girls Orphanage in Chandpur.  The books, written by veteran teacher Sophia Siddique, and purchased by the Club Charter President were each stamped with the Sunshine NY Rotary stamp.  The books were handed by the Charter President to Rotarian Nazrana Yeasmin of the Rotary Club of Dhaka Phoenix for distribution to the children at the Orphanage.  The colorful books, printed on durable paper contain simple illustrations that allow children to learn the alphabet through rhymes and provide meaningful life stories through these simple rhymes. 
On behalf of the Sunshine Club, the Club's share of the total project cost  for the four projects were borne by the Charter President and Project Chair/International Director.  The partnership with the Rotary Club of Chittagong North is a wonderful example of like-minded Rotarians with a shared background coming together from halfway across the world  for the benefit of those in need.