D7230 was recognized in Zone 32 as being the only District in all of North America to have grown in membership in the last 3 years. 
Last year 2022-23, Area 5 is proud to have brought in 28 new Rotary members – in 1 New Club (Promise Rotary - 20 members and 1 revitalized Club (Hope Rotary - 8 new Members) + 16 Rotaractors in the new Rotaract Club of Smart New York..
The previous year 2021-22, Area 5 brought in 20 new members in 1 new Club (Sunshine Rotary)
And in the previous year 2020-21, it was Area 5 that brought in 40 new members in 2 new Clubs (Westchester - 20 new members, and East-West - 20 new members)
Thus, in three years just Area 5 added 88 new Rotarians and 16 Rotaractors to the District rolls.  We are proud that our DG chain was at hand in Toronto to be honored with this momentous award.