Posted by Mahmood Menon
"Someone picked a shirt and wore it standing against a glass-door nearby. He was so happy to see that the shirt fit him so well and its color was really wonderful. I saw how happy the middle-aged man was!"

Rotarian Maher Pathan was describing her experience of the food, grocery and clothing distribution program jointly organized by Sunshine NY and Westchester NY Rotary Clubs held on February 9 at Poughkeepsie in the outskirts of New York.

More than 50 people collected food boxes. Several dozens of clothes were distributed.

Under privileged people, mostly from the housing for Afghan refugees came and collected the food and clothes.
"They don't get enough food to eat, they don't have warm clothes to wear in this winter. So they were happy to get all those", said Maher.

"Initially we brought food for 25 people. But later when a larger number of people gathered, we cooked again. Sister Mazida helped me to cook more food and we distributed them among the needy people", she added.  

"Lots of exciting things happened on the day. .We cooked the food ourselves. So that everyone gets to eat some home cooked, warm and healthy meals. All the collected clothes were in fine condition and I made sure they were hygienic enough to wear."

Two elderly women came who have no family. Among them one lost her son in deadly gun violence. There is none to buy food for this woman.
We bought some groceries and dropped them off at their houses in the camp, Maher Pathan said.

The onlookers and the people who stopped by were appreciating this noble endeavor by Rotarians.

"Everyone liked the biryani and said that they wanted to eat again. I promised them that someday soon I will cook more biryani and distribute among them", said Maher Pathan.