The Day of Service is on 20 May.  On this day more than 500 Rotary clubs and 14,000 Rotarians across 5 states and 3 countries, from Connecticut to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and New York in the United States, plus the countries of Bermuda and Brazil, will volunteer in their communities for an unprecedented Rotary Day of Service, collecting clothes for homeless, refurbishing parks, and, much, much more..
Our Sunshine Club is one step ahead.  We will undertake 2 projects - one in Marlboro New Jersey and another in Sreepur, Bangladesh, District 3282.  For the project in Marlboro our Club members and volunteers from the local Eagle Scouts will enhance the nature trail in Antisell – by installing 3 visitor benches and 5 trash bins across the route and planting 10 trees to enhance greenery and shade in the trail.
For the project in Bangladesh, the orphan girls of the Monu Mia and Sultana Girls Orphanage will clear trash from the nearby areas as well as plant trees, bushes and plants at their new Orphanage building that is under construction.  For the project, all 30 girls at the Orphanage were provided with yellow T-shirts on behalf of the Rotary E Club of Sunshine New York . These T-shirts are printed with the Rotary Day of Service Logo and the Club name. 
Proudly wearing their new t-shirts the girls have already started their project - planting trees, beautifying their surroundings, removing trash, and taking cooking lessons. The project will conclude on the Rotary Day of Service - 20 May.
This is how we "Imagine Rotary" "Changing Lives" and "Creating Hope in the World" for these orphan girls.